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Rothera Sharp re-brand replacement signage of 8 sites

Over the course of two weeks Clockwork replaced approximately 50 signs across 8 Rothera Sharp branches as part of their merger re-brand in 2016.

Not only was this an opportunity for them to replace and revamp existing signage but also to consider the ways in which we could help them increase brand presence in their office location.

Replacing signage internally and externally across the following sites:

The Lace Market: Their flagship main office in central Nottingham saw the replacement of signage carried out on the front and back of the grade 2 listed building. We were able to re-work the front swing sign to make savings. Internally we implemented some new signage in the reception area to make the arrival point more prominent and we created some bespoke branded clocks utilising the circular RS part of the logo as the clock face.

Arnold: Replacing a number external signs to their branch on the Arnold High Street as well as adding some new window decals.

Beeston: As the Beeston branch has a relatively small entrance on the high street, we added a large new panel to the adjoining wall to increase their brand presence and highlight the services available in branch as well as contact details. In addition to this we replaced and implemented around 10 signs internally as well as adding the branded clock to the wall behind the reception desk.

Burton Joyce: Simple replacement of all existing signage internally and externally with the addition of a panel next to the entrance highlighting the services available in the branch

Long Eaton: One of the more unique and historic branches being the Old Sweet Shop in Long Eaton, we found opportunities to increase the brand exposure by adding two fitted A2 foam-board Adverts to the front window display. We also replaced the external projection sign and internal signage, and mounted a branded clock in the reception area.

Mapperley: A simple replacement of external signage to the doorway on Mapperley high-street, a light-box sign above the door as well as a swing sign and some replacement decals on the glass door panel.

West Bridgford: Replacement of the swing sign as well as a large new fascia sign on the front of the building to add to brand image.  We also implemented some new decals, adding information about the practice and its services to the large glass panel areas at the front of the building; additional services include the replacement of all internal signage, adding a branded clock sign to the reception area.

Wollaton: Replacement of a large light-box sign above the front door, a swing sign, several internal signs as well as car park placards.

If you have a business that requires signage implemented or replaced across  several sites, our team has the capacity to handle large-scale jobs within short time frames all over the country from design through to installation. We also have the experience to guide you along the process and help you find additional ways to increase your brand prominence in each of your branch locations, call us today to discuss your needs 0800 285 1748 or email Alex at